I’m available! (Are you looking?)

Hello friends, near and far.

Well, As for today, I’m available to work for and with you and your organization. I have been laid off in a workforce reduction at HPE.

What do I do?

I’m a strategist, practice lead for UX, educator, team developer, and change agent

Where can I work?

Anywhere remotely, but I live in Austin, and that is where I will keep my residence.

What type of organizations?

Any place ready to make that big shift to really focus on strategic customer engagement that lead to positive outcomes and creates value for all involved.

What can I do for others? I can while I’m a free agent:

  • I have new workshops I’m working on for your organization or company: on leadership based on my new book.
  • I have old workshops that you may like that I’ve taught at many organizations around the world. (Storytelling, studio. IxD foundations)
  • I can come in for a short engagement to help your leadership team come up with development plans & growth strategies for their teams.
  • Can mentor your teams on strategic initiatives to help you generate the outcomes you desire.

Feel free to contact me here.

(Originally posted on LinkedIn and Medium)

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