Software Advice is an innovative demand-gen service for the software industry. We're looking for a UX designer to take ownership of the web applications we use in-house every day. If you have a passion for cloud application design, user experience, beauty and consistency, keep reading.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Is a goal-oriented designer. Design appreciation is subjective, but user experience can be quantified. You design for results.
  • Is fairly technical. Not only can you design in Adobe CS, but when called upon you can code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to prototype or fix a pixel here or there.
  • Is pragmatic and goal oriented. Despite your artistic gifts, you are fascinated by user behavior and measures of effectiveness.
  • Is organized and deadline aware. We know we can't rush great things, but we've got some serious deadlines. Your organization and project management make it happen.

What you'll do all day:

  • Make people happy. Seriously, you'll be the new hero in town when you increase efficiency and ease of use for our internal site.
  • Cloud application design. You will design new applications (like the softphone we're currently working on) or redesign existing pages to respond to the needs of our employees.
  • Maintain consistency. As we grow our business we need to scale our existing system. You'll make sure the user experience is always consistent and delightful.

A few reasons why you might hate it:

  • You only do mobile apps. This is application design, but it ain't for the App Store. If cloud applications aren't your thing, this job probably isn't for you.
  • It's your way or the highway. You're not the only one with an opinion, and we have a fair bit of experience with what's worked or failed in the past.
  • You need to start from scratch. We'll give you autonomy, but we have a lot of highly effective work in place already. We're not about to rip it all out.
  • You're a mess. If you are disorganized and can't project manage your way out of a paper bag, you'll find it real tough to work in our company.

And a few reasons why you might love it:

  • You'll be on the cutting edge. We're always trying new things, such as the responsive designs we're working on right now. We're early adopters, just like you.
  • We'll get you whatever you need. We'll give you the tools you need to do your job, whether that's Macs, software, etc.
  • The work environment is amazing. Our SoCo office is insanely cool, open, and inviting. We dress casually and have fun while working hard.
  • The team is even more amazing. You will work with people who are as energetic, smart, and driven as you are. You'll be managed by the best too.
  • Your success will be recognized and appreciated. You'll be able to see your direct impact on our growth. You won't be just another cog in the wheel.
Please no contractors or design firms. We already have two excellent resources and we are intentionally seeking to hire a full-time, in-house UX professional.

Want some? Apply right now or check out our careers page for other swell jobs.

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