We are looking for a brilliant UI / UX Designer to incorporate into our growing team of talented, collaborative, energetic and passionate designers. As a member of our team, your primary focus will be to transform ideas into well-structured, engaging and efficient and creative user experiences. 

If you are the right fit for this team, you enjoy developing, delivering and sharing the full stack of UX requirements, from personas to storyboards to wireframes to justifications.You are also an effective communicator and should enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment

that is intentionally iterative in its process. You will formally work on our product team; however, cross-departmental work groups and projects should be expected due in large part because our development, implementations, product and creative directions is largely based on listening and interpreting feedback on our software. Talent, curiosity, passion and experience with a multitude of creative tools will be central to your success communicating your vision, research and ideas into awe-inspiring design.

For more detail information please visit Q2ebanking.com

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