Location: Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder, CO

Fulltime position

Please email resume/portfolio to natalie@cpbgroup.com
CP+B seeks Senior Experience Designers

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is looking for crazy thinkers to join the
Experience Design team, on a senior level at our Boulder, CO
headquarters. Candidates for this position must have a strong foundation
in information architecture, a keen eye for design, and a portfolio site
that we'd want to make babies with.

We're pretty much a playground for people with ADD. No really, we're
serious - in the sense that if you are a person with multiple skills and
passions, we probably have in-house outlets for all of them. We have
teams of industrial designers, experience designers, over 40 developers,
and various designers and technologists all working in an incredibly
collaborative environment, concepting and prototyping together.

Current clients include: Microsoft, Volkswagen, Domino's Pizza, Hulu,
Burger King, Coke Zero, Old Navy, Geek Squad, Best Buy, Guitar Hero, and

We work on an array of channels: xbox, web, mobile, industrial/product
design, interactive retail environments, etc. We're fascinated by the
intersection of channels and disciplines, and look for people who are
open to blurring the lines and experimenting with us.

What we offer you besides a kick-ass job: a competitive salary,
excellent benefits (Health, dental, 401k, etc) and a very unique company

Specific Skills
* The ideal candidate has solid interaction design experience, with
wireframes, data flows, and site maps to show.
* The ability to clearly communicate ideas, decisions, and reasoning to
a non-technical audience is vital; because lets face it, you're a new
breed of thinker and we are counting on you to lead the way and make it
as accessible as possible.
* Most of our wireframing is done in inDesign, however, there is the
potential to work in other apps as well.
* A willingness to multitask is a huge plus, since we'd hate to bore
you. Expect to juggle multiple projects and clients regularly
* Extra credit: a programming background and experience working on
interactive campaigns outside the Web.

Apply Via Email

Submission Details
Resume and Portfolio.

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