If you are looking to move to Dallas I'm looking for you.  I need a couple good visual and UX designers in North Dallas.

I am forming a team of visual and ux designers at One Technologies (75 @ Walnut Hill). I joined the company last month from GM in Austin and previously worked at Ebay/Paypal and Amazon. I believe in work-life balance, being very collaborative and not micro managing. The product team we are on is a very fun group with no egos or attitudes. (That’s why I joined)


We have a highly successful set of websites and now a mobile app that really need some love and UX help. The great news is we have some new leadership that is 100% supportive of us doing the right thing and being disruptive to our business.  The goal is to get a couple ux designers, ui visual designers, tester and a prototyper soon.

All the best,

John Reese





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