IA + IxD -- Design For Use (East 7th Street, Austin TX)

A quick quiz:

  • When presented with a thorny problem, do you immediately grab pencil and paper to figure out the solution? 
  • Are you always considering ways that the real world can better organize and present information (e.g. restaurant menus, store signage, forms from the DMV) so can can get in, get out and get on with your life? 
  • Are you good friends with boxes and arrows? Post-Its and Sharpies? OmniGraffle, Visio, Illustrator and Axure?

If you answered an emphatic “yes” to these questions, we would love to talk to you.

Design For Use is a user experience consulting firm with offices in Austin, USA and Delhi, India.  We are looking for talented Information Architects and Interaction Designers who are passionate about their craft and want to make the world a better place through design. Together we can make brilliant experiences!

If you did the following after getting hired, we’d say you were kicking ass…

  • 30 days: You will ride shotgun on current projects to learn about our process, deliverables and start fine-tuning or detailing existing flows and wireframes with some supervision of senior IAs.
  • 3 months: You will take IA lead (with some IA support) on at least one project by translating requirements, personas, scenarios and heuristic evaluations into site maps, flows, wireframes and clickable prototypes.  You will also plan and present your design solutions to clients for feedback.
  •  6 months: You will provide input on deliverables during the user research phase of a project. You will work with our user research team to help plan and monitor usability testing of your proposed design directions.
  • 1 year: You will do client and project management for an entire engagement, and help hire other stellar designers like yourself. You will always keep your informed on the latest trends and tools to keep improving the deliverables.
  • 2 years: You will assume ownership of the Operations Manual for information architecture activities and deliverables. This task includes drafting process documents that can be used by other team members to complete the Design phase. In other words, you will help take our IA practice to the next level. You will also train and supervise a growing team.

We hope your career path might look something like this

  • Information Architect (now) >>
  • Senior Information Architect (1 year) >>
  • Chief Experience Designer (3 years)  >>
  • Director (5 years)

We think we have a great working environment

After all, we helped to create it. Our office is located in East Austin in an old white-washed, light-filled warehouse with seven independent design firms. You will be surrounded by smart, creative
professionals (mostly, designers and architects). The pace of our days is
generally “steady on” but will be punctuated by some bursts of effort as projects
and deadlines dictate. We are early birds – most of the team is in the office between
7 and 8am. You don’t have to be but you will be required to be somewhat
flexible with your hours to coordinate with our team in Delhi.

And finally, this is our hiring process

Preliminary screening of the candidates will be done by simply looking at a portfolio of your work. A phone interview will then be followed by an onsite interview at our Austin office. Send your resumes and portfolios to:

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