Full-time Graphics and User Interface Designer Position @ Wham! Inc.

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Founded in 2008, Wham! is the hottest startup in the Dallas Metroplex.  Wham! is a fast-paced, exciting, consumer electronics company focused on connecting friends and family like never before. Wham! provides an innovative, collaborative work environment, where people work hard, work fast and have fun!  Wham! is well-funded and is looking to add a stellar, rock-star employees to the team.  We are looking for individuals who are passionate about what they do, are creative thinkers and want to make an impact on the world at large.  If this describes you, we want to hear from you. 

Graphics and User Interface Designer 

Requirements and Responsibilities 

Graphics design. We are looking for someone that is a great artist and can generate wonderful graphics for use in graphical user interfaces. 

Artistic. The right person for this position considers herself an artist and is style conscious.  

User interface. We are looking for someone who can think logically about making a user interface not only beautiful but easy to use as well. 

Programming capability. We are looking for someone who can do basic programming with user interface toolkits such as EFL, Qt or similar. Proficiency in C is a requirement. The individual must be able to logically tie graphics into the functionality of the interface. 

Domain expertise. Wham! builds a consumer electronics product. The ideal candidate will be familiar with many types of user interfaces found in consumer products (and have opinions on them). The ideal candidate will also be familiar with Wi-Fi, broadband technologies, TV resolutions and TV aspect ratios. 

Web design. The ideal candidate will also be proficient at web design and capable of leading and/or being involved the design and maintenance of Wham!’s website. Expertise in PHP and Flash development is a plus. 

Marketing collateral. The ideal candidate will also be able to support the VP of Marketing from time-to-time with non-user interface related graphics design tasks. Such tasks may involve generation of graphics and marketing material for packaging and trade shows. 

Education. The right person for this job may have one of an assortment of degrees. You may have a degree in art, graphics design, architecture, computer science or other related fields. 

Detail oriented. The user interface is the face of a product. The ideal person for this position will be detail oriented and help ensure that our product works well and presents well in all situations. 

Team player. Wham! has a very team oriented environment. The ideal candidate will enjoy working in a collaborative team environment and be personable and easy to work with.


Standard stuff: Wham! provides competitive compensation, 401k, health insurance, etc. 

Stock options! (If you help make Wham! successful, stock options can reward you. ‘Nuff said.)  

Not everything is measured in dollars. It’s fun and rewarding to build a company where there was not one before. (Great feeling of accomplishment.) 


If you are a rock star graphics and user interface designer that is interested joining Wham!, please set your humility aside and tell us how great you are by sending your resume or CV to: 


Wham! is an equal opportunity employer.

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